Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Human Nature's Vicious Circle

Some interesting articles at The Women's Colony today. Seemed to be a lot of reminiscing. One columnist shared the hospital bill from her birth in 1963. Less than $350 for a six day stay. Insurance paid for everything except phone calls. Heck, you can hardly visit a doctor's office for that price nowadays. I am the first to acknowledge that there have been great medical strides made in the past fifty years. Even so, I think most of us question if the costs aren't exorbitant.

I am old enough to say that our first house in 1975 cost less than what some new vehicles go for nowadays ($40,000 for the record) And this was in Alaska. We could have gotten a comparable home in California for less than $20,000. I know this because my in-laws had such a home.

Another lady wrote about the diversity she experienced attending school in Arizona as a child. It was a positive experience. Now this particular writer did not bash today's Arizona but I'm sure everyone is aware that the school board is exhibiting some questionable mandates for teachers. Not to mention they are experiencing some difficulties with illegal aliens.

Mrs. G. shared a heartbreaking story of friendship and her gesture to notify the wrongdoer that his crimes were not unnoticed. Hope he loses some sleep over this at the very least.

I believe most people have a tendency to look upon the past with rose-colored glasses, i.e., "the good old days." Carley Simon sang, "these are the good old days" and I think it would behoove more people to remember that. Children of today will probably look back fondly upon these times.

My husband at this very moment is expounding on "50's values" and how "we're so much more enlightened today" (insert his sarcasm here) Sometimes it's exhausting.

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  1. A good post! I think I am here to stay. William is going on the road in the fall and told me I could have the farm if I wanted to stay. If things keep working out then I will stay here but will go often to visit my tiny cabin in the mountains so I can see my daughters and grands.