Friday, July 30, 2010

Computer Blues

My laptop has been infected with a virus that prohibits me from accessing I can't even leave comments on other's blogger accounts. I believe its a "redirect virus." Any ideas on how to eradicate it will be greatly appreciated. So far there's been no response from Google (who "owns" Gmail and blogger)

Meanwhile, I took a six hour riding clinic last Saturday that left me somewhat battered and bruised. I don't know how cowboys can ride all day long. My lady bits felt hammered so either I have an incorrect seat or they need to toughen up. I had my last lesson at my old stable on Tuesday and will have my first one at the new barn next Monday.

There is an air show this weekend. Sadly, one of the planes practicing for the event crashed Wednesday evening and all four aboard were killed. Apparently the show will still go on; I have mixed feelings.

I'm still reading blogs - just have been forced to keep my opinions to myself. Stop applauding.


  1. Have you tried a different browser? Have you run a virus-scan?

  2. I tried switching to Firefox but encountered the same problems with Blogger, etc. McAfee has been run numerous times but not catching this virus.