Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Update

Screw you, Dell, I'm getting a Mac. My husband is downright giddy at this development and has literally spent hours compiling information, programs and I don't know what-all that he will put into this new (used) computer when it arrives.

My first word processing experience was with a machine by CPT. It was like magic. Up until then a memory Selectric typewriter was the most advanced device I had access to. I loved my CPT and even bought a used one for home, although we never got it up and running because personal computers had arrived. My boss had Macs installed at work so that's what we got for our home computer also. I attended several classes and was somewhat of a power user. Then the powers that be at City Hall decided the city would only use Microsoft computers. Oh, the hair pulling and hate this caused those of us who had to switch. But, as with all things, we adapted with time and I eventually got a Dell for my laptop at home. My husband stuck with Macs and now I'm going back to one. I know I'll like it better once I reacquaint myself with it.

So, on the horseback riding front I've ridden twice at my new stable. I've arranged for twice weekly lessons and really like my new instructor. She is making me ride totally without stirrups to get a really good seat. I'd done that sporadically at my old barn. Man, keeping the horse in line when trotting is a challenge for me. I did do better yesterday than last week so things are slowly coming together. Thankfully my chafe marks will have a few days to heal before I ride again. I really need to work on leg strength also. I had to let out the stirrup in order to be able to reach it to mount from a three step block yesterday. Even then it took me a couple of attempts to hoist my fat ass in the saddle. Thank goodness the horse is part draft and dead broke. I keep apologizing to her and thanking her for her patience with me. I do wonder if the chafeing isn't somewhat caused by her wider girth. I never had this issue with the thoroughbred/quarter horse cross I used to ride.

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