Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Here we are in September already. My bruises are gone from my last fiasco and the whole incident has been put behind me. I've had four or five lessons since then without incident. One of the ladies at the stable gave me a video called, "The Rider's Workout" by Cheryl Schuhmann. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. My brother was visiting and just left Monday. He is a reader like me so we visited a couple of book stores. I found some great reference books; one is called "The Horseless Rider" which is for people like me who want to ride but not necessarily own a horse. I also bought "The Idiot's Guide to Horseback Riding." I went to the tack store earlier this week and bought my own curry comb, brush and hoof pick. Like my friend said, it's not that we really need them since the barn has these supplies - it's just fun to have an excuse to buy something horse related. I doubt that the mare I ride will be impressed but the barn cats should like the fact that I now will be carrying treats for them in my carrier. I used to forget them in the car and be too lazy to go get them.

I'd like to make the observation here how great it is to meet people who are as goofy about horses as I am. Who knew there were so many grown women (haven't met any men) who are as juvenile in their feelings about equines as me. We're like a bunch of little kids who are thrilled to be allowed to hang around a stable. Hope the lovin' continues.

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  1. Google Mark Rashid. Buy "A Good Horse Is Never a Bad Color". You won't be sorry.
    Also, if you've never read "Seabiscuit", do that. The movie doesn't count.