Friday, May 6, 2011

The Child is Still Sick

I sure hope she's carrying the same germs so that I've already been there/done that with whatever it is she has. She had been to a doctor and now has a prescription. They seem to think that she may have gotten a sinus infection due to her inability to thoroughly blow her nose. Her mom put her hair in two ponytails on top of her head and she looked just like Boo in Monsters, Inc. Too adorable. BTW, I see that they're making a sequel - Monsters University I believe its called - due out in 2013. Can't wait.

I was able to say goodbye to their dog. In fact, I was down on my knees petting her before I'd even acknowledged some of the other people in the room. You could tell it was time by the look in her eyes. She was a sweetie but we're all relieved that she's no longer in pain.

My husband and I were watching a movie yesterday where at one point the groom spilled something on the bride's gown. She said something to the effect of, "That's okay, I won't be wearing it again," and I piped up, "Unless you're Marie Osmond." My husband looks at me incredulously and says, "Why did you say that?" so I filled him in on Marie remarrying her first husband wearing the same gown as she had in the '80's. He then starts holding his head and moaning as to why in the world I know this and, worse yet, why does he now know it. Good times. He accused me the other day of deliberately thinking up ways to drive him crazy. Hell yeah! I lay awake nights plotting. Then, I actually dreamed that Marie and her husband had brought one of their kids to the barn for a riding lesson and I told the story to her. She got a good laugh out of it. I know some people can find hidden meaning in their dreams but I almost always can relate mine to something that has occurred in my waking life. Maybe because I'm in a half stupor most of the time?


  1. Your hubby comments made me laugh out loud. Sounds pretty much like the conversations we have here.....

  2. Hope your baby gets better soon. It's miserable being sick.
    If you really want to get the husband, lol, explain a bro-mance to him. Wade and the Rancher went to pick up calves at another ranch and they were going to stop for lunch. I said "Awww, you're having a bro-mance" and he said WHAT? lol, after I explained, he said "Can we not call it that?"
    And I totally followed the Marie Osmond wedding dress thing. I thought that was a little weird...

  3. Hopefully, whatever she has, you won't get. Being sick sucks no matter how old or young you are.

    I only heard little snippets about Marie Osmond getting remarried. Missed the part about the dress. Strange...... even stranger, I'll bet I could ask my husband and he would know. LOL

  4. Poor baby! Sinus infections are not fun. Hope she's on the mend.

    Marie Osmond is frugal? Who knew...