Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boy, Am I Old

I was looking at apartments on Craigslist and saw a one bedroom, furnished for $125.00. I didn't think that was too out of line since my first one bedroom, furnished apartment was $110.00 per month (in 1971). Of course reality set in when I actually read the ad and found it was $125 per day.

Had a great one on one lesson with the trainer yesterday. No stirrups and I was trotting with the reins in my left hand and my right hand in the small of my back to improve my seat. I was feeling pretty comfortable by the end of the lesson. At one point she had gone to get something and I decided to dismount to reposition the saddle. I was halfway off the mare when the trainer saw me and yelled, "What are you doing? Get back on that horse." I actually managed to stop midway and change direction.

At the end of the lesson my trainer complimented me and said if I continued to ride this well that she would put me up on one of the other horses. Gulp. I've read several sources that claim riding a variety of horses is the best thing you can do to improve your riding ability as you learn different things from every horse. I think the next most likely candidate for me is a paint gelding who is known for being extremely smart and tries to get away with stuff. Oh joy.

The second filly was born last Wednesday. I've only had a brief glimpse because her mom is a bit on the overprotective side. I guess she's getting a little more relaxed every day so I should get some quality time soon. The older filly is a doll and I'm trying my best not to do anything to spoil her as I've read some stories about horses being ruined because of being treated like puppies when they're young. I guess it affects their mentality and they don't respect humans after a while so that they become unsafe to be around.


  1. $125 a day?!? Where is this one-bedroom apartment? New York? Although I think in New York it's more likely in thousands per day. Your trainer scared ME when she yelled at you. I thought something bad was happening. I remember one time when I was cantering around an arena and my usually loud-mouthed, yelling trainer got very quiet and said, "Okay, now, stop slowly. Carefully, walk over here to me." When I reached him he said, "You lost your cinch, and you and your saddle are up on your horse's neck. Try to dismount without rocking the saddle..."

  2. Chance at new horses? That's great!! Every one is so different; you will really enjoy that.

  3. $125 a day???? Wow. My last apartment before buying my first house was $300 a month. Of course, I had to mow the lawn, shovel the snow, and take out the trash cans each week to get that price. =) My landlady wanted to rent an empty apartment to a guy because she didn't think girls should be taking the garbage out. Guess I showed her, LOL.