Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Craigslist Loser

Hello we want to sell are Chihuahua we wanted at first but are kids are still young and we are worried they will kill him he dose not have his papers yet that's why he's 500$ instead of 1000-1200$ we can get all info you need to get him papers if you like but we are just trying to get are money back for him befor the kids kill him he's good dog we have bowl and ect.


  1. You know, people can find purebred Chihuahuas at most animal shelters for the low cost of neutering. I can't believe they paid $500 for it and that some breeders are charging double that. We get a lot of losers at the shelter who adopt a dog and bring it back the next day because it barked or peed in their house. Come on, people! Get real. Think before you impulsively act, driven by the power of cuteness and expecting perfection from a living being. All animals at all ages need some level of training, which is the responsibility you acquire when you give in to the cuteness factor.