Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad, Bad Realtor

Our realtor sent an information link on a house with eight and a half acres. It was after midnight - does the man never sleep? No pictures yet as it was a brand-new listing. I'm heading off to California Wednesday with a pretty full plate of things to do before then but I'm tempted to squeeze in a viewing before I leave. Who wants to move in the middle of winter - it was about eight below zero this morning.

Glad I refilled all the bird feeders yesterday. The nuthatches are really loving the peanut butter feeder. I often see two at a time on it. Thought the heated water dish had died but it turned out the timer needed resetting. Don't know how that got out of whack.

UPDATE: Does this look like a ranch style to you? I, for one, do not want to shovel those steps just so unwanted solicitors can make it to my front door.


  1. You'd better take a quick look before you go, might be just what you are looking for!

    Love the pictures of the dogs, both of them are lovely! Puppies learn really fast if you work with them consistently as you must be.

    Great saddle. I think you got a good deal!

  2. He really, really wants to sell you a house, LOL. Must be hard to be a realtor this time of year, cause you're right - nobody wants to move in winter.