Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's A Beautiful Morning

...and now I have the Young Rascals echoing through my head. Hope they go away soon. I can't believe that the sun is shining after so many gloomy days. We had sun last Thursday also. I headed off to a horse show after my grooming stint and although I had remembered to put sunscreen on my face, forgot to apply any to my neck and got a slight sunburn on one side.

This was the first time I actually got to witness any drama at a horse show. One of the participants won a couple of blue ribbons but exited the ring in tears. Now I happen to know that she is leaving for college soon so I'm thinking she's crying because this may be the last time she shows the horse for awhile or maybe she's going to sell it or something. Oh heck no - turns out she got yelled at by her trainer for wasting time canoodling with her boyfriend when she was supposed to be getting the horse ready. So much for my theory.

Found a house I liked last night online so have contacted our real estate agent about setting up a viewing. It seems perfect in every way so I'm sure there must be something wrong with it. I vacillate between resigning that we'll never move and should just fix up the house we're in and then getting excited over an MLS listing. Earlier in the day I had been researching landscaping companies because we need a new retaining wall and I am curious how much it would cost to replace our graveled area with paving stones.

Time to head for the barn. Hope my real estate agent sends an email for me to read by the time I get home.

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