Saturday, September 15, 2012

My House is Delicious

There's going to be nothing left if these #*!@ dogs don't stop chewing on it. I know I posted pictures of Bart's earlier destruction and now Winston is working on the stair railing. He's got his permanent teeth so has no excuse for this behavior.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we close on the new house next week. Of course we'll have no money left for the actual move but I guess we'll deal with that somehow. All my plans for new furniture are indefinitely on hold. I hate being strapped for cash (and where the heck did that expression come from, anyway?)


  1. I can totally relate to all of that. It seems as soon as we committed to moving, the dogs and horses started destroying everything in sight. Our new house smells permanently like a subway tunnel, because just when we got Midge's bladder under control with insulin, Scrappy started pissing on everything in sight. Everything started breaking down in both houses, so we had to dish out way more money that I budgeted for the move. Now anytime someone tells me to go buy something, I get snippy, because we are officially land poor and can no longer just go out and buy little things we need whenever we feel like it. It's stressful, but someday you'll make it through all this and will be able to remember what it's like to relax.

  2. Our remodeling project is over budget, so I feel your pain. Not the position I want to be in this time of year, as I like to get all my holiday shopping done before the snow flies. Hope your closing is smooth ~