Monday, November 5, 2012

The Neverending Move

Nobody should take this long to get re-situated. I've stopped trying to predict when we'll get everything done. I think we'll call a charity this week to pick up our donations and we will make however many dump runs it will take to dispose of the rest of the crap. We still have the sheds in the back yard to deal with.

I dropped by my former barn yesterday for their horse show/costume competition. It was so great to see everyone and visit with all the horses. Of course I brought carrots so they (the horses) were glad to see me. One of the girls dressed up as Minnie Mouse and had giant mouse ears for her horse. So cute.

I spend my computer time searching for furniture on Craigslist and have only managed to read blogs sporadically. I sure hope I haven't missed any fantastic news/stories that others have shared.

Here is a picture of the book boxes I unpacked a couple of days ago. Wish I could say that was all of them but unfortunately, not.

Bart is hoping Winston is buried somewhere under there.


  1. One good thing about moving is that it allows you to decide what you want (and what you don't want) to keep. Kinda forces you to "clean out" your place! :) Hang in there, you mention you are on the dump side of the are getting close!

    Will you start riding again after you get settled down?

    1. I definitely plan to check out a couple of stables with indoor arenas in this area and will also drive to my old barn occasionally for lessons with my friends there.