Monday, December 24, 2012

A Postal Mystery

We moved in October. I dutifully made a trip to the local post office to obtain a change of address packet (the last time we moved was 1979 when this is how it was done) But no, the USPS, a company you think would embrace the concept of snail mail, now wants you to notify them of address changes via their website. There's also the added bonus of charging a buck for this service. Whatever.

So I filled out the proper form online, paid the fee and my mail has been forwarded accordingly. I have notified friends and businesses of the change.

Here's where it gets curious. We have recently received several pieces of mail from sources we do not correspond with. These don't have the little yellow forward sticker but our name and address is entered correctly with no need for forwarding. I'm pretty sure all of them are soliciting donations. Did the post office sell our name and address to bulk mailing companies? Weird.

So today is Christmas Eve which of course led to a discussion of why isn't it called the day before Christmas since eve technically isn't until dusk or thereabouts. (Can you see why my husband exasperates me at times?) This all started because he wanted to take garbage to the landfill and I told him it was closed on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I think I'll drive to Anchorage and take some cookies for the barn owners and carrots for the horses. I also have a friend whose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had puppies that I'm dying to cuddle.

I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful holiday. May Santa be good to you.


  1. Oh, I want to cuddle a few puppies, too! Merry Christmas, Ms M!

  2. You got my attention with this Post. I bet the USPS 'sold' your address. After mail being stolen and our mailbox being run down we got a PO box. Got TONS of junk mail and hated standing in the long, long, impersonal lines at the Post Office to pick up something.

    Got so frustrated with the USPS that we decide to rent a mailbox at a private mailbox company in town. They also provide notary, copying, scanning, wrapping, and shipping service (and you never have to wait in line).

    And amazing - no more junk mail!

    Best thing we ever did. I now do everything online or go to our (wonderful) mailbox store these days. I can probably count on one finger how often I've used the USPS in the last 3 years. No wonder they are broke...just like our Government...