Saturday, April 13, 2013

No Hands, Revisited

Bailed on Tuesday's lesson. I had a throbbing headache and my husband had the flu or something. Although it had stopped snowing (finally) the driveway hadn't been plowed because he was feeling so poorly. I felt better later in the day and decided to go grocery shopping. Four-wheel drive gets me where I want to go. I had also sold three items on eBay and had to go to the post office both Tuesday and Wednesday to mail the merchandise.

Poor guy was ill and didn't get around to plowing until Thursday. He usually plows a couple of the neighbors also but they had to fend for themselves.

When I showed up for my lesson yesterday I told my trainer that we'd better start working on trotting in case I had to trot four days in a row at the clinic later this month. She agreed and said she'd told last Saturday's clinician that I hadn't been trotting but apparently she'd forgotten (or was a masochist) She even reiterated this fact when she entered the arena and saw me careening around on her horse.

So yesterday's lesson was pretty much all trot work. Near the end she put a lunge line on the horse and had me work on both sitting trot and posting trot with my hands on my hips. She decided that my saddle is part of the problem with my legs tending to get out of position so we are going to try a riser pad next lesson. I've used them in the past and found they put me in an uncomfortable position. With my luck, that position is most likely the correct way to sit a horse.

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