Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moderate Osteoarthritis

The doctor called yesterday with the above result of my hip x-ray. For the time being I'm just supposed to keep exercising, take joint supplements and use anti-inflammatories as needed. Losing weight is also recommended (of course it is) If the condition hasn't improved in about three months we'll look at other options. Hip joint injections require more than a regular office visit and if it gets really bad, there's always hip replacement (I feel so old now)

I have researched a lot of web sites for recommendations. One man claims krill supplements worked for him when fish oil didn't, so I'll try that when my current fish oil supply runs out. Another person actually listed the supplements they take and claim that they've been pain-free for over twenty years while all their relatives are suffering from arthritis. Something to consider.

Had lunch with former co-workers in Anchorage yesterday. Went to Costco since I was in town and purchased some merino wool socks as I can't seem to find them anyplace else. I doubt that the $75 annual membership is worth it just for socks so I grabbed a pair of winter gloves too. We thought we'd probably make a monthly trip to Costco once we moved out here but that hasn't been the case. I wouldn't even have kept our membership current except that they automatically charge it to the American Express card.

I will have a riding lesson later today unless I hear otherwise from my trainer. I foresee pony carts in my future...

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