Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I'm not a mother unless you count the four legged, feathered and finned "kids" I have. I salute all of you who are mothers to the two legged variety as I feel your job is much harder, albeit probably more rewarding, than mine.

I am rather disgusted with Amazon today. They are offering digital books, music and movies for Mother's Day. All of the books are romances. Blech! Don't they think women read anything else? They are at the bottom of my reading choices.

My landscaping is done. The owner came by and collected all the heavy equipment yesterday and I paid him the balance of what I owed. Some of the crew will be by tomorrow to pick up the rest of the materials and do a final clean up.

I put up a mosquito zapper yesterday. Apparently it is too close to the house because Bart awakened me having a panic attack in the middle of the night. There is something about the zzzt sound that scares him to death. I ended up locking him out of the bedroom so I could go back to sleep. I'll relocate the zapper today to the far side of the yard. Big weenie.

I weeded three flower beds yesterday. I think the flowers I bought last week should just about be ready to leave outside at night. I wonder what it would be like to actually have a planting plan. I just buy plants haphazardly and throw them together. The only thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to put nasturtiums in the hanging pots by the side door. Last year I used wave petunias there and wanted something different. I wore a tank top yesterday to try to obliterate the farmer's tan I've already got going this year. Of course my next door neighbor came over to chat. I generally try not to expose my flabby arms but darn it, I was in my own yard.

More weeding today and I think I'll go to a home improvement store to buy another shepherd's hook on which to hang the bug zapper. A few plants may fall into my cart while I'm there...

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    I'm like you, not planning beds but just putting in whatever looks good from time to time. The landscaping looks great!