Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Did My Part

Today I e-mailed both of my Senators about how I would like them to vote regarding health care. Probably a futile gesture but at least now I can claim that I let my voice be heard. I suggest everyone do this in this age of instant communication. It's not like our opinions get there by carrier pigeon long after the decision is made. Pro or con, let them know what their constituents want.


  1. I think what you did is great. I'm glad to know there's people out there who do what they can to be heard, as opposed to passively waiting for things to turn out how they want them to.

    If I may ask, what kind of health care approach would be ideal to you?

  2. Tough topic that touches on many aspects. I believe one of the reasons health care is so expensive is malpractice insurance. Yes, this is insurance companies again, but enormous settlements have helped to create this. Not all huge settlements are frivolous but I do believe some kind of tort reform would help.
    Pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant amounts for some prescription drugs.
    Hospitals - $5,000 and up for one night. Really, does it cost them that much per patient?
    I believe that the government is too busy focusing on “fixing” the symptoms, instead of addressing the real problem. Make medical care affordable. They could start with the amount universities and med schools charge for tuition and work forward from there.

  3. Sounds very reasonable and straight to the source of the problem. I'm glad I asked and got the chance to hear your point of view. Thanks!