Saturday, March 6, 2010


Stayed up until 1:00 in the morning watching Multiplicity. Hadn't seen it in years so it was like watching for the first time. Cute movie and I went to bed in good spirits. Stayed awake until 2:30 reading. I'm currently muddling through Diana Gabaldon's latest in the Outlander series. Confess I went to to read some reviews as I am just not loving this book. Kind of sad to find out that this will not be the last one. I was hoping it would be as the storyline is getting very tedious. But I will soldier on and will probably read the next one also. Maybe that will have closure.

Anyway, it was one of those nights where it seemed like I woke up every 30 minutes or so. I attribute it to my having taken a nap the previous afternoon.

The phone rang at 7:00 a.m. Nothing good can come from early morning calls on a Saturday. Sure enough, it was my dear friend's husband calling to say that the doctor is giving her only another week before she succumbs to lung cancer. This woman never smoked, so I don't want any censuring thoughts headed in her direction. There is so much support for those suffering from breast cancer and so little for lung cancer victims. Personal rant, sorry.

I'm not very articulate at the best of times and am really not a morning person, ever. So I hope that whatever I said to this poor soul was not too stupid and that I was able to convey my deep sorrow at the news.

The dogs, of course, decided that since I was awake I should let them outside and then feed them breakfast. I went along with their desire, thinking I would go back to bed and sleep after they were taken care of. Unfortunately my craving for coffee won out and I've been up for three hours now.

Bad news always makes me cranky. I noticed when my sister-in-law died in late January that I was more prone to argue with other commenters on some of the blogs I read. Normally I can take the high road and just ignore people I disagree with. I was able to avoid commenting on yesterday's attacks on Mrs. G. at both The Pioneer Woman and The Women's Colony. You know, least said soonest mended philosophy.

So, today has started off kind of shitty. I hope it improves. Think I'll go read some comments and see if I can stir the pot since I'm going to be in a mood. First, more coffee...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your sister in law :(