Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wet Stuff Falling From The Sky

I'm starting my second week in California and it's raining again. Most of this past week has been sunny and beautiful. I can't begrudge the rain too much as I've been here during the horrendous fires they've had in the past. What a nightmare.

My brother and I drove up to Julian yesterday. It's such a cute little town. The shops are geared towards tourists like me and have many eye-catching and tempting items. It is sad, however, to see that so many Americana themed items are made in China. I often wonder what their workers must think of the items they create. I'm sure they don't have the expendable income to throw away on such trinkets.

Thursday night we saw a play called "The Glory Man" at a theatre on Coronado Island. It was about an idealist who started an interracial commune in Georgia before such an idea would be accepted by many blacks or whites. Neverending struggles but the couple who founded Habitat For Humanity became members so it ultimately succeeded, albeit in a different direction than the original agricultural community.

Today we are going to a Christmas store because you can never have too many Christmas decorations. I believe I have enough cardinal ornaments to do a small cardinal tree this year. Just need to figure out where I could set it up.

Will drive up to San Juan Capistrano Wednesday to meet my BFF for lunch. Also need to visit Fashion Valley mall and Viejas outlet center. No trip of mine would be complete without them. I did go to two tack stores here but they are very much geared to Western riding and had very little in the way of English togs. Did find one pair of riding tights. Oddly enough they don't stock fleece lined ones so I will return to Alaska for those.

Had my eyebrows tattooed Tuesday. They originally were pretty frightening and I thought made me look like an angry clown - they were that stark. The scabbing is starting to flake off and they appear more natural. I think I'm going to be very happy with them.

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  1. Reading this has made me homesick for California. I was raised there and am familiar with the places you have mentioned. I hope your visit is a very enjoyable one!