Friday, November 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle

...and feeling every ache and pain. I can't believe how out of shape I've become in just two weeks. I rode without stirrups on Monday and didn't hurt too badly but the majority of the lesson was at a walk. I only trotted in short spurts. Wednesday I used the stirrups and trotted a lot. Yesterday I could hardly walk. These were things I was doing before with minimal discomfort. I feel better today and ready to go do it again this afternoon. Now, if my cold would only subside so I could breathe through my nose. Mouth breathing around horses isn't recommended.

My boxes of California shopping extravaganza arrived yesterday and everything seems to be in one piece. I got some of my Christmas gifts purchased so have a little head start on that.

We're going to take the truck out today and see what it would cost to have a hard cover put on it. Apparently there is one made that folds up for easy access to the bed when needed. My husband doesn't want to have to keep shoveling snow out of the bed and a fabric tarp wouldn't hold up under the weight of a heavy snowfall.

Does anyone know if when a horse kind of lips at you, not using teeth, as you're working around it means it likes you or not? I can't tell if it's a friendly gesture or a warning of things to come. Paranoid much?

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  1. Glad all your parcels arrived in one piece! I love it when places will ship things for me, saves on taking an extra suitcase to lug around.

    Western dressage eh? I would LOVE to see that! Be sure to give us a link if you find something on it. A nice Billy Royal silver saddle was always my dream and I finally got one when we were showing but sold it when we stopped. Sure wish I hadn't!!!

    Hope you get that truck cover before the snow starts!