Friday, November 19, 2010

Cowboy Dressage

Here is the link to Wolf Creek Ranch:

They performed at this year's World Equestrian Games and have a clip on their site:

There are other video clip links that you can access from their site.

Lastly, I love their motto: When Dressage suits your needs but a Stetson suits your lifestyle

I imagine my instructor would not be adverse to me doing this if I'd foot the bill for my own horse and equipment. Somehow I doubt that I'm getting a pony for Christmas.

I'm happy to report that I've regained my riding skills and have even improved a little since my vacation. I'm actually feeling pretty secure in the saddle and don't feel like I might fall off. This is enabling me to refine my seat and work on using my legs more and knees, heels, reins less. "My" horse is really fuzzy with her winter coat and is actually sweating more than she did during the warmer months. I've had to blow dry her twice so far. My husband is incredulous that I'm doing this.

Nuzzling Muzzles mentioned a clinician I had never heard of the other day in her blog - GaWaNi Pony Boy - so I checked out his web page. He has books, etc., available and I was especially intrigued by two titles - Of Women and Horses and Women and Horses: More Expressions of the Magical Bond.

I find this an intriguing theory. I'm not sure that either of these books will explain it but the stories told should be very entertaining.

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