Monday, April 9, 2012

Craigslist Strikes Again

Yellow lab 9 weeks old, male, parents are pure bread American and English yellow labs. Moving must sell $400 call ###-####.

"Moving must sell." Dude, really? Most reputable breeders will not sell a puppy before it is eight weeks old (but this is Craigslist so all bets are off) It appears to me that you've had this pup for one or two weeks and have "just" discovered you have to move? Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I think you are some low-life who scooped up a "pure bread" (WTH?) puppy for cheap or free and are now trying to make some money off it. Not to mention that it is against the rules to sell pets on Craigslist. End of rant...

Last Monday's lesson was "awesome." Friday, once again I rode as if I'd never been on the back of a horse before. Fortunately I got myself straightened out and had a really good go at trotting a pattern over poles (we stayed in the middle - yay!) We (me and the horse/team concept) completely missed some of the poles the first few attempts. I've had using my legs and torso to steer drilled into my head so much that I hesitate to use the reins. I hope to talk to my trainer during today's private lesson to get a better idea of what is acceptable. I know not to saw at the horse's mouth, but not using the reins at all sends us out into no man's land instead of the desired direction.

Introduced a friend to Goodreads so she is now bugging me to update my reading list. I was happy just reading the monthly newsletter. She is also planning to write reviews. Overachiever.


  1. I'm on Goodreads but since I haven't read anything in such a long time...

    The puppy thing? My thoughts exactly...!

  2. I hope you flagged the puppy ad. I flagged one that had a $200 "rehoming fee" for Siamese kittens.

    Never heard of Goodreads. I'll have to check it out ~