Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hanging in There

It's been a week since my husband died. I'm doing better than expected. The funeral home called yesterday and said his ashes were ready so I was able to pick them up after running some other errands. As I told his mom, I waited to get him until last because he would have been really ticked off if I'd made him wait in the car.

I am not a morning person and even after I (finally) got up, tended to lounge around in my pj's. I'm having to change my ways since now I'm the one who has to answer the door. The FedEx guy caught me in my pajamas at 10 a.m. last week so now I'm dressing almost upon getting out of bed, which tends to be around 5:00 a.m. these days. I have a repairman coming by sometime today, Dish Network scheduled for a morning appointment tomorrow and have to have Winston to the vet by 8:45 Thursday. Last night was the first night I've actually slept except for Bart deciding to bark around 4:00 this morning. Fortunately, I'm used to him doing that when he sees a stray animal so I didn't freak out that someone was trying to break into the house. I keep telling Winston that he has no idea what I've got in store for him. Hopefully he will be less ornery with Bart after he's neutered. Bart will be next but the little instigator gets fixed first.

I've had tremendous support from friends locally and my ear's about ready to fall off from all the telephone conversations with family and friends from out of state.

I don't make a point of professing my faith here but I know my husband is with the Lord. He was a somewhat unhappy soul and I take comfort in knowing that he now has peace that surpasses all understanding.


  1. Thank God for the support of friends and family! It can't be easy but it's good to hear that you are coping.

    Hugs to Winston and Bart... hope the snips go well. :D

  2. Good to hear from you, hang in there and hope you can get back up on a horse soon.

  3. Was surprised and sad to read of your husbands death. I know from experience how things keep you running in different directions until one day it hits you like a ton of bricks. Prayers and loving thoughts going out to you.

  4. I have questions, but when I think about all the possible scenarios, they may be questions you don't want to answer, so I will keep them to myself. Meanwhile, I am thinking of you. A LOT.