Thursday, October 31, 2013

Satellite TV Aggravation

Please tell me if this is a difficult concept. We have Dish Network with DVR capabilities. The main unit is in the family room. The second (remote) works with the television in the shop. I have a standard, non-DVR receiver in the bedroom.

I want to move the second DVR capabilities from the shop to the bedroom and send the standard unit back to Dish. This is going to require a service call. I supposedly had an appointment for the morning of Oct. 23. When no one showed up by 12:30, I called Dish only to be told there was no record for this on my account. That representative told me all I had to do was contact a local satellite provider to make the change. (Teeth gritting commences)

Yesterday I walked into a local satellite store. They claimed they couldn't do this but to contact a different satellite installer. Okay, no problem. I called that installer this morning only to be told that they can't do any work that is not authorized by Dish. So then I called Dish. After a long discourse with the representative he finally seemed to understand what I wanted to do (I'm sure it would help if I knew the correct terminology for things) Somehow I got signed up for a protection package during all of this but it seemingly will reduce the service charge amount. Anyway, he told me to contact yet a third satellite installer to have a technician come out. Of course I got voice mail. My teeth are ground to stubs.

I resolve that if this person cannot do what I want that I'm going to cancel my subscription and switch to Direct TV.

Aside from that I seem to be getting things accomplished. I've arranged to have my driveway plowed and to sell our snow blower and a chain saw on consignment. These are two items that I can't see myself ever using.

I took down most of the screens yesterday to allow more light through the windows. Now I need to vacuum them and store in the shop.

The horse was slightly off on Tuesday so we limited my riding to a walk. Apparently I've been holding my legs in the wrong position all these years and putting too much weight in my stirrups. The whole lesson was spent on correct positioning, some of it without stirrups. Harder than it sounds.

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