Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear PBR and Versus

I am but a simple woman confused by the intricacies of your programming. Would it be too much for you to publish the date of the event you are broadcasting? Apparently the event we watched Saturday actually took place on Friday. I think Sunday's was "live" but am not positive. It would be oh so helpful if your announcers would mention "Saturday night's ride" instead of "last night's," when what I watched on Saturday was actually Friday and Saturday was not televised at all.

Next Saturday you are going to broadcast the Oklahoma event on NBC for an hour and a half, then later in the day broadcast Oklahoma on Versus for two hours. I think that the one on NBC will actually be Friday's competition. Does that mean the Saturday broadcast on Versus will be Saturday's? Your announcers incessantly refer to rides and events that we, the viewers, haven't been privy to.

Sometimes I go to the PBR website to try to figure out what is really going on but invariably I will find out who won an event that I am waiting to see. That kind of kills my interest. I still enjoy the great rides but most of the anticipation is gone. I do not enjoy sporting events when I know the final outcome ahead of time.

You know what would be fantastic? Showing the events on the day they occur. Heck, we already subscribe to Center Ice for hockey. How about an "all bull riding all the time" channel that would show all your events, not just the Built Ford Tough series? I'd pay to watch Discovery, Challenger and Enterprise. Heck, throw in the CBR's events also. Now that would be awesome!

Oh yeah, what ever happened to the Versus bull that you had the "Name That Bull" contest for? I don't remember what the winning name was, but I don't think he made an appearance on the BFT series last year. Inquiring minds want to know...

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