Friday, February 6, 2009

I Call Bullshit

An article in the Anchorage Daily News states:

A judge has ruled that the state needs to provide pre-kindergarten education in schools turning out under-performing students.

In the Yupiit School District, identified by the state as one in trouble, 75 percent of entering kindergartners lack beginning reading or writing skills, according to testimony by the district's assistant superintendent, Diane George.

Education experts say there is a strong link between early literacy and later academic achievement.

I did not go to pre-school, nor did any other kid that I grew up with. My total pre-kindergarten education consisted of Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room on television. Sesame Street didn't exist. Kindergarten was looked upon as an easing into the idea of being away from home for a half day. There was a morning session and an afternoon session; mornings for the kids born during months that would make them slightly younger once entering first grade. The afternoon session was for "older" kids. Kindergarten taught us how to play well with others, obey the teacher's instructions and generally how to act in a civilized manner.

The alphabet was not even presented until first grade. We practiced our reading and printing skills for the first two years of school. Cursive writing was introduced in the third grade.

I took to reading like a duck to water. I consider myself a literate person. I believe I can articulate better than many a young adult I speak to. The grammar and spelling of many are atrocious (and I'm pretty darn sure they went to pre-school). I, at least, know how to use spellcheck.

Much of the dumbing down of Americans rests at the feet of the parents. Has anyone seen a TV show called The Principal's Office? I rest my case.

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  1. Good morning:-)

    Thank you so much for looking into where to find one of those Valentine Kitchen Faeries! I found some on eBay as well so have put in bids for them...fingers crossed that I get both. Yes, both, there were two types of Valentine ones! lol

    This was a very interesting post. Like you, there was no pre-kindergarten when I started going to school. When they did come out with pre-kindergarten, I didn't think it was a good idea, especially when it involved sending 3 year old's to school!