Sunday, January 29, 2012

Partly Sunny -9° RealFeel® -1°

It's warming up! It's supposed to be in the high teens tomorrow, which is perfect for me. Believe it or not, it actually starts melting when the temperature gets in the 20's, which later turns to ice and is a freaking nightmare.

The indoor arena where I ride is heated. Friday night there was steam rising from the dirt and the black barn cat was sitting eerily in the middle. Would have been a perfect Halloween photo, not that I had a camera along.

The barn owners like to give warm mash when it's really cold so I went in early on Friday to feed it to the horses. It's so neat to hear the horses talk to me when they see me with the bucket. Some of the younger ones get impatient and act out, one actually took a kick at me, but I had been forewarned so stayed out of his way. I just spoke soothingly to him until he settled down enough that I felt safe to go into his stall and retrieve the feed dish. Another mare reached over her door and kept nudging me to hurry up as I was filling hers.

I share a locker with one of the other students and we've had a bit of a conundrum since we both have saddles and there's only one built-in rack. She found a small wooden one on ebay but never got around to assembling it. She brought it to me Friday and my husband put it together yesterday morning and I took it to the barn in the afternoon. It looks like it will work perfectly. I want to find something to raise it off the floor a little as the concrete will get wet once the snow starts melting.

My realtor sent me a new listing this morning. It's a cabin on almost ten acres of land. The only "negative" I see looking at the pictures is that it's not a ranch style. There are quite a few steps leading to the front door. I need to see if the back door has ground level entry. That might work since there is a detached garage. I just hate the thought of walking up slippery steps when my arms are full of groceries, etc.

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