Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Frosty Morning

It was dark when I got up and I could see stars in the sky. Once it lightened up a little I could see frost. It's always colder when it's clear. We haven't had snow yet and I got to ride outside again yesterday. Looks like darkness is going to drive us back inside before the weather does.

Had an eye exam Monday. I don't know how I manage to always do it but the new frames I picked out are really expensive. How come attractive stuff doesn't come cheap? Their cost put an end to my idea of going shoe shopping. I should start purchasing Christmas gifts and not spend any more on myself anyway.

Have a company coming to put up icicle lights on the house today. Think I'll go redneck and leave them up all year round so I won't have to pay again.

After they're gone I'll probably head to the recycling center and dump. I can't believe how exciting my life is.

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  1. That's weird; I commented on this post a few days ago but it's not here...

    My husband bought two pairs of glasses recently (already had the frames for one) and the price, with insurance, was over 600. Next time, Walmart.

    I've been shopping for myself but haven't even thought about Christmas. Just a weird year.