Thursday, January 23, 2014

Help Me, I'm Melting

We've had over a week of unseasonably warm temperatures. It is not supposed to be 40 degrees in Alaska in January. Spring in Alaska is referred to as "break up." I think that is due to the ice breaking up on the rivers and lakes. I drove by Lake Wasilla yesterday and there is standing water on top of it. It could be melted all the way through for all I know. As one woman at the barn said, it wouldn't be so bad if we knew spring was really on the way but we know it's going to get cold again and we're going to have to suffer through this more than once. Oh well, enough about the weather.

I think I'm going to finally manage to get in three rides this week. Two weeks ago I had to skip Friday because I had to attend a wedding and last Friday the side roads were just too icy for me to want to leave the house unnecessarily. There are some new horses being boarded that I'm getting acquainted with. One is a Clydesdale who, strangely enough, doesn't like carrots but scarfed up the apple I brought him Tuesday. He's the first horse I've personally met who has a mustache like the horse in this picture.

Picture swiped from Horse Nation, as is the following video:

Is that bizarre or what?


  1. Your weather is warm because it slipped down to us. Usually whenever we have very cold weather, it is mild in Alaska. Well, you can have it back. We have had enough of it.

  2. A mustache! How cute is that? I've never seen one on a horse!

    We're pretty chilly (for us) in SoFl, but I love it; this has become my favorite time of year. ;)