Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ta and Da

Two more trips to Home Depot as the first set of toggle bolts I purchased had screw heads that were too big to fit in the curtain hardware openings. (P.S., toggle bolts don't work for me the way they're supposed to. The darn things wouldn't open up and I eventually took a screwdriver and a hammer to them) It took me most of yesterday and I lost count of how many times I had to re-install the hardware as it kept falling off the wall the minute I put the curtains on the rod. I was in a really bad mood by the time I was finished. I won't be surprised if they come crashing down as I did a real number on the sheetrock. I'm almost afraid to open/close them as I don't want to put any stress on the hardware. No more home improvement projects for me. From now on I'm hiring out.


  1. They look great! Nice, warm color and texture. They'll help keep the house insulated too. Now what about that window on the right in the back room? Aren't you going to cover that one too? Just kidding. (I can hear you screaming from here.)

    1. That's actually a window in the entryway and the only one low enough for Winston to see out of. I'd hate to deprive him of that small pleasure. Not to mention the dogs would probably rip down anything I put there in a matter of days.

  2. They're lovely!! AND, unlike my husband's recent hangings, actually level! Great work!