Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back on Track (More or Less)

My sister flew home yesterday so I no longer have any excuses for not eating right, exercising and organizing the house. Somehow sitting here at the computer doesn't fit into this plan so obviously I'm off to a bad start.

I have paid for three riding lessons a week in January. Of course, I'm already screwed this week as I have a wedding to attend at 4:00 Friday. Who gets married then? What about the people who have to work until 5:00? I think it had something to do with the church's availability, but personally I would have just picked another day.

I am a terrible slacker and can procrastinate doing almost anything until the absolute last minute. I think I'm going to try making a schedule of daily tasks. If you're familiar with FlyLady, number one should be getting dressed first thing as opposed to sitting around in your pajamas half the day. That's a toughie for me as I really don't function until I've been awake for a couple of hours and had several cups of coffee. Even when I worked I'd get up at least two hours before I needed to leave the house so I'd have lounging time.

Okay, I think I've inspired myself enough to do the grocery shopping and put away some more Christmas decorations. Gosh how I hate acting responsible...

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  1. I hate it when this thing eats one of my lengthy comments!

    ANYway, hope you get to ride at least twice this month!

    And I'm a lounger too. I think that was the gist...