Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ace Is The Place

Ah, the exciting life I lead. Today we're going to Ace Hardware. For some reason we've abandoned Home Depot in favor of Ace. Must have gone there at least a half dozen times in December. I finally broke down and joined their frequent buyer's club or whatever its called and now am regretting that I didn't earlier because I obviously missed getting credit for all those December purchases. Even though Ace is a national chain, it is smaller and has a cozier atmosphere, plus the staff frequently comes up to you and asks if they can be of assistance (gasp!).

I hang bird feeders and usually attract nuthatches and chickadees with an occasional junco. Yesterday, six Steller's jays showed up and freeloaded handfuls of peanuts. Today, not a one but we had about a kajillion red polls show up so I guess its a tradeoff. (Oh sure, just looked out the kitchen window and there was a jay at the water dish. Make a liar out of me, will you?)

Although this blog serves no apparent purpose I would like to point you to one of the funniest entries I've read in a while concerning a sick computer:


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