Sunday, January 18, 2009


Painting Chef's grandmother died. I am so very sorry for her loss.

Another blogger, Somewhere on the Masthead, was let go from his job. He is a terrific storyteller. I am hoping this seemingly bad turn of events will turn into a positive impetus for him.

A "soundoff" in the Seattle P.I. indicated that creationists or "intelligent design" believers can't stand the thought that we exist by accident. Here is one of my many justifications for there being a Creator: I used to wonder why polar bears and penguins did not co-exist on the North and South Poles. Weren't the living conditions virtually the same? Then I saw the movie, March of the Penguins and the answer was glaringly obvious. Those poor penguins stay land bound for months while hatching eggs and raising their chicks. Could you imagine the slaughter if just one polar bear happened upon them? Why would they be on opposite ends of the earth if God had not planned this? If they evolved, doesn't it seem logical that both species would have gravitated to both poles? Of course, then there would be no penguins to necessitate this question.

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