Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did I Lose A Day?

So many of the blogs I read are wishing everyone a Happy New Year's. Isn't New Year's Eve tomorrow and New Year's Day Saturday? I know there's nothing wrong with extending greetings a day early but what will they write about tomorrow? Unlike me, maybe they have celebration plans and will be too busy to write. What will I do with nothing to read? (Oh yeah, it's all about me)


  1. Lol! So true, I did the same today. Why? I plan to be out riding my horse, Poco, tomorrow and getting in that last ride of the year. Since I've been on my computer most of today working and then updating my blog, I hope to let the poor thing rest tomorrow and Saturday.

  2. I'm liable to wish people a happy new year more than once. I'm liable to babble about anything.

  3. I always tend to do things a few days early. I doubt if too many people will be reading blogs on New Year's Eve. It's a festive time of year, so I usually TRY to make the most of it. Besides, there's always the possibility that I'll fall asleep and miss the whole thing!
    Ayway, have a great 2011!!