Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Need to Wire My Mouth Shut

I used to be very circumspect in choosing my words so as not to offend anyone. I wouldn't qualify for Miss Congeniality as I tended to rebuff unwanted overtures but tried to do so as politely as the situation warranted. Lately I notice that inappropriate phrases are springing from my mouth. Is this a sign of old age or just that I've been suppressing my opinions so long that my subconscious won't stand for it any longer? I was at a leather store yesterday buying supplies to make a rhythm necklace for the horse I ride. I thought the jingle bells on it would be fun for Christmas. The pattern calls for an alligator clip to fasten to the horse's mane. The kid at the store did not know what an alligator clip was so I query, "Haven't you ever smoked a roach?" Now this kid is covered in tattoos with a stud in the middle of his tongue. Wouldn't you suspect he'd been exposed to the demon weed? He claimed that he never had. My bad. Of course then I wanted to mutter something about "kids these days" and "the younger generation" but I managed to get control of my mouth.


  1. This Post had me cracking up! I'm with you on this! What a GREAT story! Good Post! :)

  2. Oh, I'm the queen of inappropriate statements. And it's always unintentional, honest! Sometimes it takes 2 days for me to figure out what I sounded like, saying that. Sometimes it takes somebody telling me (usually my husband).
    It's a curse.