Saturday, December 18, 2010

She Flies Through The Air

Really, with great ease when the horse tosses you. So I've now lived through my first bona fide hitting the dirt via horse. I don't know why she spooked at another horse kicking in his stall since it happens all the time, but she did. I remember yelling "Whoa" - forget about exhaling to stop like normal - and the next thing I knew I was on my back with my instructor yelling at me not to move. I'm not sure if she bucked or reared, it happened so fast, but I know I didn't just slide off, I was definitely airborne. The other student said it looked like slow motion. So I lay there for a few moments, again giving thanks for helmets, before getting back to my feet. I'm a little sore today but don't appear to have any bruises. I think I'll ship my helmet to the manufacturer to have it checked for damage not apparent to the naked eye. It's had two hard knocks now so better to be safe than sorry. I did not get right back on the horse as the old saying dictates since it happened at the end of the lesson. I actually have a two week break since my instructor is going out of town. I'm not afraid to ride again; actually the flying part was kind of exhilarating but I guess I won't be disappointed if I never experience it again.

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