Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm Alive, Barely

This has been a wicked cold. I could use a skin graft for the area under my nose and I'm sure at least one tree has been sacrificed to the Kleenex factory on my behalf. The cough is hanging on also. Last Saturday was the worst. I was too sick to even want to go to the stable but sat around all day in a stupor. I've gradually been getting better and accomplishing quite a bit around the house, albeit with a tissue constantly at the ready.

I did make it to my riding lessons this past week and they were both quite good. The mare has been sleeping in an outside paddock. She was pretty muddy yesterday and since I was running late only got a perfunctory grooming before the lesson. I made up for it afterwards and she looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. She's managed to rip her new blanket already and is in trouble with the barn manager. She's just a big tomboy.

Our television broke about 10 days ago. We had a repairman come out to give us an estimate. He was supposed to get back to us yesterday but never called so my husband called the shop. Now we're told that the parts are on back order and they may not even be able to get them at all. So I guess we're going shopping for a new TV today since our old eyes can barely see the picture on the 19" screen we've been making do with. The hockey playoffs are on and we can't find the puck!


  1. Hope you're feeling yourself soon. Just look forward to that healthy burst of well-being that always comes after being sick. ;)

  2. I had that creeping crud for almost three weeks and like you I went through tissues like mad. It's so nice when you finally wake up and think 'I'm feeling normal again!'

    They really should give you a rake off on your lessons if you are doing work around the stable or at least some free time just to ride on your own. Nice that you gave the mare a good fluffing, I think they really enjoy it. I was going to go to the stable today but it's raining so mine will have to wait until tomorrow for their grooming. It takes me about two hours to do the three of them but it gives me a good workout as well.

    Feel better real soon!