Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Far So Good

Sunday's barn show was so much fun. I love to see the little ones on the ponies. One young girl, I'd guess in the 12 to 14 age range, rode "my" mare. She got a blue ribbon in one class and a yellow in another. I was impressed with how the mare looked. It's hard to imagine her movement from her back.

Yesterday's lesson started out as if I had never ridden a horse before in my life. I don't know what was going through her mind but the mare sure didn't want to listen to me. After some time of this my trainer said, "I'm going to go get something to help you." She came back with a crop in her hand. All my mare had to do was see it and she straightened right up and we ended on a terrific note. It was never applied to her and I never even held it; she is that smart.

The lady with the summer riding camp and I finally spoke today. I think we are very compatible and it turns out she is going to take on a lot of volunteers to spread the work load. Also, she has done this before and knows that people start out eager beavers and then quit after they discover the lack of glamour to horse care. She will have fifteen horses, twelve beginners and three intermediate. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Now we just have to wait for the weather to improve - it was practically white out blizzard this morning but reached 40 degrees this afternoon. I guess I'm as "in" as anybody at this point.


  1. I'm glad your horse decided to listen once you had a little persuasion *aka whip* in your hands. I notice that too, I barely ever have to use the whip, just allowing the horse to see it does wonders, even on horses that have never seen a whip before.

    It sounds like the summer camp is going to be great! I wish you the best of luck with that...hopefully you'll love it!

  2. Horses are so funny. Past horses I rode also straightened right up when they saw the crop (I also never needed to even hold it). Other times I've had some difficulties in warming up for a lesson but my horses have straightened up as soon as the Trainer walked into the arena. Champ, my former horse, was so conditioned to showing that as soon as we'd walk into the class, he knew his job and became a show horse vs class clown outside of the arena. Good Post! :)

  3. I'm glad you got to see what "your" mare looked like under saddle. It is different to watch them than to ride them sometimes. I always appreciate getting the opportunity to see one else on my horses.

    Glad your lesson went better even if it did take a little persuasion. Some horses are like that, ya they are. LOL