Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Meanderings

I survived the windstorm last week. Friday's lesson went really well and none of us screwed up in any major way. We trotted a lot working on our endurance. I was able to get the mare go from a stop to a trot without any problem since she was in a willing mood. Funny how that works. I've used a breastplate the last couple of lessons and think it's helping the saddle to stay in place. I've read how it may constrict the horse's movement and/or cause pain, so am keeping a close eye on that. All of the horses are shedding and the four of us on Friday produced an awesome amount of hair. I used a rubber mitt on the mare's face and got a ton of short hairs off. I'm going to do it again today, along with her legs.

We had a local election here last Tuesday. My husband and I mail in our votes. He pointed out that the instructions for correctly filling out and mailing in the ballot are designed so a five year old could understand them, yet the issues themselves are worded in such a way that you can't tell whether you're voting for or against something. Just doesn't seem right.

I have received several interesting political e-mails recently that I'm considering posting here. We'll see. I also received one supposedly showing baby pandas and how they were effected by the earthquake. Um, people, the earthquake was in Japan. The pandas are in China, which, according to Google, was not effected by an earthquake. Get a clue.


  1. We're getting the high winds today, I even had trouble getting out of the car when I was out earlier, the wind was pushing against the door! We had quite the thunderstorm during the night and that got rid of the rest of the snow. Woohoo!

    Your training seems to be going well. I can well imagine how good it feels to the horses when they're getting brushed, especially when they're shedding.

    We're having federal elections here in May and the campaigning has started which drives me crazy. I don't trust ANY politician!!! lol xoxo

  2. Hmm. Sensitive pandas. Maybe they are referencing the earth quake from two years ago?

    Glad you're having fun riding!

  3. I'm glad you had a good lesson. That's always so much better for the confidence.

    My horses can't decide if they should shed or not, the weather is so up and down. Have a show at the end of the month and Legs still looks like a yak. Not good. I do not want to body clip for one show.

  4. I got the panda email also. ;)

    The weather is beautiful here, aside from being too dry. My grass is cooked.

  5. Didn't get the panda email but I'm sure somewhere in there was a plea for donations?

    So glad you had a great lesson with the mare. The breastplate shouldn't be a problem if it is fitted properly. But it's always good to keep an eye on things.

  6. I'm so very glad the elections here are over. The mud slinging was particularly bad this go-round.