Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My brain feels like it's stuffed with cotton, my chest aches and my throat hurts. Right now I'm sweating and I don't know if it's fever or a hot flash - they're pretty interchangeable. I'm hoping a hot, steamy shower will alleviate some of these ills.

Had a lesson with the other trainer on Monday. She said that every time she saw me I looked like I'd dropped weight. My secret? Going from a puffy down vest to a fuzzy fleece vest and then wearing a khaki vest. It's all an optical illusion. I really like my "new" khaki vest because it has a bunch of huge pockets for carrots, kleenex and life's other necessities. I got it off of ebay. Since I opened my mouth and indicated I'd like to help more around the barn I was given a few tasks to accomplish. One was holding one of the ponies while she got clipped - easy peasy. Then I braided "my" mare's mane so that it all lay on one side of her neck. Her mane naturally parts about halfway down her neck so one half lays on one side and the other half on the other. After it starts to lay correctly they're going to pull it. What am I going to hold onto when I'm standing in the stirrups???? I think I'm also going to be responsible for keeping her paddock clean. It drives my husband nuts that I perform manual labor for free but this way I get the illusion of owning a horse without the cost or responsibility.

The trainer had me posting at a walk. This is supposedly a good exercise to help strengthen my thighs. Much mane clutching on my part. When it finally came to posting at a trot I was supposed to keep my rear from touching the saddle. Um, major fail. In fact I smacked the saddle so hard a couple of times that I actually felt sorry for the horse. Overall it was a good lesson and I feel like I'm learning some valuable techniques. The book I mentioned - Living With Horsepower - talks a lot about visualization and mental telepathy (for lack of a better expression) when working with horses. Supposedly it is an innate talent for some but can be learned by anyone with strong enough motivation. I'll be sure and write about the first time one of the horses "speaks" to me.


  1. Oh dear, I do hope you feel better real soon! I so remember those hot flashes, I never knew when I had a fever! lol I'm over all that now and it feels so wonderful to actually feel cold again!!!

    Good for you for volunteering to do some chores at the riding school. As you say, it makes one realize that "owning" a horse isn't just about the horse, there is so much more to take care of as well. xoxo

  2. Blue's mane went partly on one side and partly on the other, like you're describing.

  3. So sorry you are sick. Hot flashes suck anytime but are even worse with a bug.

    I've got to do some braiding on Rhet's mane too. It was laying down perfectly the year we showed him but left to its own devices it's parting down the middle again.

    Mental telepathy, that must be an interesting book. I'll add it to me list. One of these days I might just get some time to read.

  4. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

  5. Feel better. Sounds like a tough lesson but your legs will be stronger.

  6. Hope you're feeling better ~ and a Happy Easter to you!