Monday, February 13, 2012

So I Went

And it was okay. I chatted with one of the wives who really didn't know a lot of the people there and she mentioned how the room reminded her of a church basement. She hoped her memorial will be held in a prettier location. I told her of my desire to have my ashes exploded in a fireworks display. Whoever goes first will do their best to see that the other's wishes are upheld. My husband reassured me that he was well aware of my desire and promised to see it fulfilled if I die before him.

Apparently this man didn't have a will so his estate will be in probate. What a pain for his out of state relatives. The heat and electricity will have to remain turned on and someone pointed out that when the house finally can be sold, the fact that there was a suicide in it will have to be disclosed. No one knows why he decided to end his life.

We heard a thunk last night and assumed some snow had fallen off the roof. Later when my husband was letting the dogs out he looked around to see if he could locate what had caused the noise. We have a raised deck and you can see one side of the house from one end of it. There was a young moose curled up next to the house in what I can laughingly call one of my flower beds. We had never seen one laying so close to a dwelling and wondered if it was sick or injured. It was gone a couple of hours later so we're hoping it is okay. All the deep snow is hard on moose, especially the young ones.


  1. Awww... that would be... surreal. You have moose wander up into your yard, I have ducks, ibis and parrots. And rabid raccoons. Wow.

    I'm glad the memorial was okay... and thanks, because we need to make out our wills...

  2. I'm glad you went =)

    Would love to live where moose could wander through my yard. I looked out my kitchen window late one night and came eye to eye with a white tailed deer looking in at me. That's as much wildlife as we ever get around here.