Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring Fever

It got up to the mid-20's yesterday. Just as I got out of my truck at the barn, a sheet of ice about six feet in length fell crashing from the roof. My truck wasn't hit but I'll remember to park farther away for the next few weeks.

The warmer weather and longer hours of daylight are making the horses feel spunky (or "fresh" as I've heard one woman refer to it). "My" mare and a six year old gelding were waging war with each other as I was getting ready for my lesson. He was in a stall next to where I had her in cross ties and just couldn't keep his nose to himself. He kept poking me whenever I was within reach also. Darn kids.

Had a really, really good lesson. I worked on crossing the diagonal with loose reins then picking them up and trotting as I reached the (what in the heck is the outer edge of the arena called? - brain fart)* Anyways, I guess it's part of an actual dressage test. I suppose competing should be in my future but I can't fathom wearing light colored breeches (shudder)

So, since I was doing so well I got to canter at the end. And (and!) I actually kind of did it right. At least I stayed upright. I have a tendency to lean forward like I'm a jockey or something. I'm only allowed to canter on the straight sides of the arena - something to do with a health/structural problem that the mare has.

I moved the mare to a different set of cross ties after the lesson and only had to deal with another mare giving me pitiful looks every time I gave a carrot to my mare. Geez, you'd think those horses were starved to death the way they beg. Not to mention the barn cats following me around (okay, okay, so I keep cat treats in my locker). I just like to hand out goodies and I could probably afford an extra lesson a month with what I spend for carrots. The horses all recognize me. I know it's only because I have food, but still it's kind of neat when they see me coming and run towards me instead of away. I've been asked to not hand feed some of the horses but to drop the carrots on the ground. Well, one of the fillies gets totally ticked off when I do that. She doesn't see me drop it no matter how hard I try so then pins back her ears and gives me a pissy face. But I do as I'm told since they're not my horses and I'm just happy to be trusted to be around them.

*I remembered. It's called the track.


  1. You go, girl! I'm so glad you are enjoying the horses. And the cats, of course.

  2. Oh, you put the cutest images in my head! I have visions of you as a barnyard Pied Piper.....