Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26 (I got nuthin for a title)

Babysit the kid yesterday. Brought along a horse DVD in the hopes of corrupting her since her mother is terrified of horses. No luck; she wanted to watch Elmo. I was told she could only have water or milk since she was experiencing diaper rash and they were afraid fruit juice might aggravate it. At one point I had the fridge door open and she latched onto some apple juice. I took it away, blaming grandma. I must have a cruel soul - her tears didn't bother me at all. Pretty soon we were back to chasing each other and shrieking at the top of our lungs. Good times.

I ordered a four tier free standing shelving unit for my locker at the stable. It is 25" wide and I found out the locker is only 24" (always measure after you place an order) Oh well, if I can't force it in there I can always use it at home. Unfortunately, this purchase apparently caused a Home Depot employee to attempt fraudulent use of my credit card as I received notice the following day that my credit card had been canceled and a replacement one issued. Now I'll have to memorize a new number, drat.

I was helping to move horses into the barn on Friday and had a slight mishap. I put a halter on one of the ponies and left the stall door open a bit when I went to retrieve my lead rope. He took the opportunity to kick his way out. Crap. Nothing like hearing, "Loose horse" throughout the barn. Fortunately he didn't get more than a few feet until someone caught him and I got the lead rope attached.

I got to ride the mare, who had pinned her ears back when I called out to her when I first got there - great. We had a pretty good lesson but not exceptional. I'm curious who I'll get to ride tomorrow. My cronies were excited to hear I'd ridden the gelding on Monday and wanted to know how it went. Others who've ridden him claim to have had the same steering issues as me.

Anchorage is supposedly due for another four to seven inches of snow. Guess I'll get my grocery shopping done before the storm starts.

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