Tuesday, March 8, 2011

42 Degrees!

This may not seem very warm to those of you who live in more southernly climes but it is definitely welcome here. I could hear the water in the drainpipes from the melting snow when I was outside today. Didn't need a hat or gloves and just wore a sweatshirt. I also cracked open a couple of windows to let in some fresh air. I know we'll probably get more snow but this time of year it melts pretty fast.

I hate housework but am trying to be better at it. I figure if I'm willing to groom a horse both before and after riding her and then spend a considerable amount of time sweeping the aisles in the barn, that the least I could do is brush my dogs and vacuum today.

Yesterday was my first lesson using a Whinny Widget. My instructor calls out what I'm supposed to be doing and I try to make the horse do it. We went through the same pattern about four or five times. Let's just say that I'm glad I wasn't being scored. It probably would have been a minus number. I've already received a couple of tips - don't look to the side when you're supposed to stop at X in the middle but keep focused straight ahead. Also, you should change the diagonal at X so that you're posting in the proper position when you make your next turn. Apparently these are little things that can give you extra credit. Wait, what, do I really want to compete? Competition will require special clothing, entry fees, paying to use the horse and have it transported, fees to have my instructor coach me. I must be losing my mind.


  1. I admire your commitment. I bet you'll do great!

  2. We haven't reached 42F over here yet but I know what you mean about that temperature being downright warm for this time of year! lol Right now it's 21F and we're supposed to have a snowstorm arrive during the night...don't think I want to look outside when I get up in the morning!!

    Whinny Widget...I learn something new every day:-) Hey, you might be losing your mind for thinking of competing but oh what fun you're having!! hehe xoxo

  3. I'm not much on house cleaning myself. Although I do force myself to do it every now and then. It's so much more fun to be in the barn cleaning on horses and even sweeping the barn.

    Don't worry about your first attempts at Whinny. I think you have to be pretty darn bad, like falling off the horse dead, to get in the minus. If you were traveling the direction you needed most of the time and at the right gait most of the time, I'm sure you'd be far away from the minus department. What's important is that you're trying and hopefully enjoying yourself.

    As for turning your head, I think that is one of those elements in dressage. You look the direction you want your horse to travel. It's part of the body language the horse is listening to so it knows what to do. Personally I think the little salute thing is kind of funny and I felt really awkward when I did mine. I still remember my one and only dressage ride at a schooling show. I posted about it. It was a hilarious experience. Event thinking about it makes me laugh. Just think of all the fun you're going to have showing your horse this year.

  4. I'm sure you did better then you are giving yourself credit for! All these things just take time in the saddle and you have the commitment so will do well. Don't even think about those little teenage pipsqueaks, they will be older some day and not have the balance they have now or the perky boobs! HA! I don't post well without my stirrups as it has been so many years since I have ridden English. I used to love to ride hunt seat in my younger days but now love the feeling of more around me with the western saddle. Still can ride bareback though which surprises me! ha! Of course my old boy is like sitting in a rocking chair he is so smooth and with the sway back I feel like I am nestled right in nice!!

    Did your sore throat develop into anything? I sure hope not!!!! I'm still a snotting mess!

  5. YES!! You do want to compete! LOL, you'll do great :)

  6. 42! Does it ever seem to you that we live on different continents? ;)