Sunday, March 13, 2011

Money Is No Object

Had a couple of comments about the expensive horses I was looking at. Some site I was looking at the other day mentioned Trakehner horses - a breed I'd never heard of. So I of course had to Google it and found The American Trakehner Association.

Here's the $65,000 gelding.

I couldn't relocate the $90,000 one but did find a $100,000 bargain:

Several months ago the Sunday Parade section of the newspaper featured Tom Sellick and mentioned that his daughter competed at show jumping. Some of the women at my barn have competed in California and I asked if they'd ever met her - they had. I made some comment that it must be nice to have a millionaire father to support a horse habit and was informed that, believe it or not, their money can't begin to be compared to some of the other horse owners. So the economy may be hurting for most of us but it hasn't impacted the uber rich.


  1. Yupe, that would be the case. I know even in the Arabian industry, big trotting horses are still selling for top dollar as are horses with very exotic faces.

  2. When the girls were small we had Tennessee Walkers and I thought they were expensive... I could only dream of owning one of those. They are beautiful though.

  3. Good Lord, buying a horse costs just as much as buying a house! lol It's sad that having horses has mostly become a rich man's sport.

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