Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dressage Show Clothing

Swiped from Dressage Training Journal
Check out Item #4 - white breeches - the horror! Who dreamed this up? Is there a famous rider that could change this requirement the way the Williams sisters have eliminated wearing nothing but white for tennis players? Not that I necessarily approve of all of their outfits - Cher cornered that market years ago - but still now tennis players are wearing colors. White is so impractical. I don't have tall boots either. Who am I kidding, I don't have 90% of those items.

I feel guilty spending as much as I do on lessons. I can't see myself putting out the money for show gear. Someone has a Stubben all purpose saddle for sale on Craigslist for $400 that I am tempted to look at/try out. Husband is still not on board with the idea - Why am I spending money on a horse I don't own? He just doesn't "get" the little girl pony fantasy. I can pretend the mare is mine.

Midlife Mom asked if I was feeling better. My sore throat never developed into anything and was gone in two or three days. Now that I've mentioned it I'll probably catch something nasty. That seems to be the way it works. If I ever called in sick to work because I wanted to goof off, I'd invariably get sick within a few days and have to tough it out because I'd already used up my sick day.


  1. Think of the tack/clothing/boots as an investment. You can continue to wear them and they last for a long time! You're right about those white breeches...lord above, they are unflattering...but put together with a jacket and tall boots - pretty!

  2. I have called in sick to work twice when I wasn't. Both times I got sick the same week. Must be karma in action.

  3. I've gotten over my fear of the white breeches but that tie, that has me mortified. I will never be able to tie that sucker properly. LOL

    I like the investment idea thing especially since you know they won't be changing the rules anytime soon so you can wear something else. It's not like those western shirts that can cost thousands of dollars and are out of style in two years. I still have the same clothes for hunter pleasure I started with twenty years ago and they look great in the ring. If I had ridden dressage twenty years ago, that stuff would be good today too.

    I'm glad that you didn't get beyond the sore throat. MM seems to have had the same bug I got and it lasted for weeks and weeks.