Friday, March 25, 2011

Stink Eye

One of the parakeets was asleep when I opened the blinds by their cage this morning. He didn't bother to untuck his head but opened one eye and glared at me. It was hysterical.

Had a good lesson on Monday with nothing new to report, i.e., mare still shedding. She looked adorable after I brushed out her forelock - it was sooo fluffy. Watched a show on RFD TV last night where a man was plowing with a Shire horse. OMG - its legs looked like they were covered with Hawaiian grass skirts. I'd hate to try to keep those clean.

Went to a podiatrist on Tuesday. I noticed a while back that the middle toe on my right foot was crooked. The doctor thinks I must have broken it at some point. Who breaks their toe without realizing it? Me, apparently. I'm not going to have surgery for purely cosmetic reasons so will have to learn to love my latest deformity.

Started reading Cross by James Patterson while waiting for the doctor. It's a real page turner and I've almost finished it already. That's pretty fast for me as I usually only read a few pages at bedtime before falling asleep.

Today would have been my sister-in-law's 58th birthday. I hope she's at peace.


  1. All James Patterson books are page-turners. They're great for reading aloud to Cliff on the road because the chapters are usually 2 or 3 pages long, so it's easy to find a stopping place. However, I can only read so many Patterson books in a row before I start having bad dreams.

  2. My friend has a Gypcy Vanner in her barn. There are some serious feathers there as well. I so relate to not wanting to keep those things clean. LOL

    I broke a toe and didn't know it. What can I say......

  3. I love James Patterson, but I haven't read "Cross". Might just have to check that out....
    Funny to read your post title. I say "stink eye" all the time and people don't seem to know what I'm talking about. No idea where I picked it up but glad to see I'm in good company.