Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whinny Widgets

Monday my instructor suggested I pick up a Whinny Widgets booklet the next time I'm at the tack store so we could work on dressage configurations during my private lessons. Being the obedient student, I made a special trip to purchase same the very next day. Those things sure are expensive for being about six tiny laminated, spiral bound pages. I made myself dizzy in bed that night studying the various tests. I need a way to mount this booklet on my saddle so I can look at it while riding since I need both hands for the reins. Actually my trainer is going to use it and tell me what to do. Oh, and get this - in dressage you aren't allowed to communicate verbally with the horse. I'm screwed.

So, on the home front we've been having beautiful, sunny days, albeit quite cold. All this sunshine is motivating. Yesterday I was going to dust and then I glanced at my grimy kitchen cabinets and decided to wash them down. I saw a blurb on Yahoo news the other day where Flylady advises wiping them down daily in a matter of minutes. Mine took three hours and a lot of climbing up and down. But they're clean, even if still an ugly laminate. I'm wondering if it could be painted. This house was built in 1973 and has all the original cabinetry. My husband refuses to consider remodeling - if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Ran some errands yesterday and saw the cutest little conure (bird) for sale at Petco. It was young, born in November, and had been hand raised so very friendly. It would hop up and down for attention. There was a time when I probably would have bought it to add to my menagerie but now the thought of all the riding lessons I could pay for with its purchase price kept me from bringing it home. Maybe I'm actually getting a handle on my impulse buying...


  1. Don't get freaked about the no verbal cue rule. I bet you'll find your horse will do the cue if you think it. I know it sounds strange but the odds are your horse is reading much more than your voice. Your body is sending messages as well. When you think the cue instead of saying it outloud, you'll most likely send the same message with your body and your horse will do as requested. That's assuming the horse does not what you ask out loud. LOL

  2. Aw, I love birds. Every time I've tried to keep one in the house my allergies go nuts, though... so I have to settle for my friends in the yard. ;)