Monday, January 31, 2011

Almost February

Not much happening here. Friday's lesson went well and I guess I really made the horse work as she was pretty sweaty at the end. I got to use the industrial sized hair dryer on her before putting on blankets. Even though I cinch the saddle as tight as I can, it slips back which probably means it doesn't fit her well. Some of the women bring their own saddles even though they don't own horses so that might be a solution. This is not a purchase to be made lightly so I won't be saddle shopping anytime soon. Especially since I had a dream the other night that we'd completely run out of money and couldn't pay our bills. Gah!

I am currently reading, "Bitter is the New Black" which I thought I'd enjoy due to its snarky cover. I guess I'm the wrong demographic as I find her constant label dropping, how much things cost and self-centeredness off-putting. But then I think, "What is my blogging except to share boring stuff about me?" So I guess I won't be hurling any stones at glass houses. This book uses footnotes inappropriately which drives me nuts. Aren't footnotes supposed to reference an information source? Hers are used as personal asides. I read another book about a year ago where the author did the same thing and I couldn't get it to the used book store fast enough.

Hopefully I'll get some stuff listed on eBay this week. I actually got the house somewhat in order so I can goof around without having unfinished projects hanging over my head.

Another riding lesson later today. Hope the horses appreciate the organic carrots I've got this week. I'm going to grow some for them this summer. I have a waist high raised garden bed that could be put to good use. I burned out really quickly on growing my own vegetables when I found a green worm on the broccoli and aphids all over my lettuce. I only grew veggies at my husband's behest. If he wants home grown he can grow them. I'm sticking with flowers.


  1. Fitting saddles makes me nuts. I don't know if I'll ever get that problem solved. If it fits one, it doesn't fit the next and so it goes.

    Hope your riding lesson went well.

  2. I had the same thoughts about "Bitter is the New Black". But I kept reading, and for me, it got better. Ms. Lancaster eats quite a bit of humble pie. The footnotes, unfortunately, continue.