Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Birds Are Back

Lots and lots of chickadees and a nuthatch or two have reappeared at my bird feeders. We also had two Stellar jays begging for peanuts today.
The black dots in the trees are Bohemian Waxwings. This is only a few of the giant flock that flew through the neighborhood. I wish I'd had the camera out in time to take a picture of them in flight. It's eerily like the movie The Birds.

It snowed a couple of inches last night and we're getting sporadic flakes today. Just enough to set the budgies off into "The Sky is Falling" chittering.

Had another great riding lesson on Monday. I actually trotted without stirrups and kept a fairly decent seat. I only messed up once by raising the reins too high and of course the mare "told" on me immediately by heading for the center of the ring. But, I was able to fix everything without being told to by my instructor. I finally seem to know what I should be doing, now just to actually do it. Will be interesting to see if tomorrow goes as well.


  1. I have goldfinches and juncos and an occasional cardinal.

  2. Pretty picture of the birds. Sounds like your lesson went well. Don't you just hate it when the horse gives you up so fast. You'd think they could help you out once in a while until you get it right! :)

  3. Our bare trees around here have huge hawk and falcon nests. I keep meaning to get out there with my telephoto lens and try to catch one of those beauties in action before the leaves appear.

  4. One day I'll be able to tell what type of bird ANY bird is, but for now, all I really know are crows, pigeons and! Oh, and the obvious Cardinals and Blue Jays.

    It sounds like you did have a nice lesson. Are you sore from the no stirrups? I know I would be ;).