Saturday, January 15, 2011

One More Thing

I mentioned how elated I was at standing in the stirrups holding my arms extended to the side. Yesterday I overheard some of the young women laughing about when they were going over jumps without stirrups or reins. I couldn't quite discern if they were being condescending to some of the other riders who were listening or just sharing a memory. If this were junior high I would be green with jealousy and aspiring to join their ranks. Now I just smile to myself and take pride in what I'm able to achieve.


  1. I never had a desire to ride a jumping horse. You are already into territory I never explored; all I knew how to do was get in the saddle and go.

  2. Good for you!! Sometimes it's hard to take the high road like that :)

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog too, by the way :)

  3. Check out this lady!

  4. If I was younger I would love to jump but the fear of breaking something at my age is just too much. I've had my share of broken bones so can't afford to push it but I still watch jumping with envy.

    I would hope those girls were just reliving their experiences. I can only imagine what jumping without stirrups would be like. Since I'm already worried about my balance with stirrups, doing so without them would be sheer terror, I think. LOL